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5 Tips to Inspire Innovation in your workplace

5 Tips to Inspire Innovation in your workplace.


A discussion we need to have

Story #1
Atlanta Georgia: Guy I work with in Atlanta stated how you can see how the Chinese work together to build up their assets as a community. They buy one store. Then another, with the goal of owning everything on the street. The goal is to keep money in the community, have money to educate their kids. And the key is they support each others businesses.
Story #2
DC. My friend asked a Indian guy, How does things work within the community? Indian guy says they have a email of all the Indian folks within and outside of their community. From time to time they will have a meeting. Everyone shows up. This is not a formal group, but everyone shows up. Now at these meetings a couple things happen
1. Ex: If they decide the community needs a bank, they work together to get a bank.
2. They decide what they need and which business to support and not to support
The moral of the story is, as a whole we do not support each other within the black community. We do not network. Just live in a bubble
We need to learn what an “ASSET”, is and focus on getting some. This will be my focus in 2013
People fought, died and took beatings so that we would have the right to vote. Educate these young folks on that. EVERYONE THAT CAN VOTE NEEDS TO VOTE…………………….. THIS IS THE ONLY POWER WE REALLY HAVE.